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Aminoglycoside antiobiotic

  • Micin (English) - Medication Naming Convention
  • First line treatment fro complication skin infections, blood stream infections, endocarditis, bone and joint infections, and meningitis causes
  • Oral administration is tx for Clostridum difficile intestil infection
  • Effective only against gram positive organisms ( not gram )
  • Inhibits cell wall synthesis in Grampositive bacteria by forming hydrogen bonds with termil DalanylD alanine residues of M/Gpeptides (backbone strands of cell wall), there by inhibiting the backbone polloimers from crosslinking with each other.

  • MedyQuestion
    • A 66 year old man with medical history significant for hypertension and type II diabetes currently being hospitalized for pneumonia begins to develop foul smelling, watery diarrhea on the fourth day of his hospitalization. The patient is started on oral metronidazole and C.diff stool samples are sent. After 3 days on metronidazole, the diarrhea persists. What drug and through which route should it be administered to treat this patient?

    USMLE Step 1