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Polloiene antifungal drug

  • Candidiasis, oral candidiasis, chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, vulvovagil candidiasis
  • Binds ergosterol, which is a component of the cell membranes of fungi and it fomrs a transmembrane channel that leaks out potassium, sodium, hydrogen, and chloride ions.

  • MedyQuestion
    • A 21-year-old female presents to the doctor’s office with a 3-day history of sore throat. She is currently taking an inhaled corticosteroid for her asthma. Her temperature is 99.4°F. A KOD prep taken from a sample of one of the plaques shows budding year. An illustration of her tongue is shown. Which is the most likely course of pharmacotherapy that the doctor will prescribe for this patient.

    USMLE Step 1