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Ancylostoma Duodenale

A "crooked" shaped parasitic worm arranged "in twelves", or segments, known for using its "mouth" to gain access to a host.

  • Uses its teeth to hook into the bottom of people's feet, therefore commonly seen in people that walk around barefoot
  • Can lead to iron deficiency anemia by sucking blood from the host
  • Discussed with Necator Americanus
  • This worm has fangs that allow it to penetrate the skin via the feet and burrow into the body.

  • MedyQuestion
    • An 8 year old boy from Georgia is brought to his primary care doctor because of a 3 month history of increasing feelings of fatigue. The patient’s parents say that over the summer, he would often times play outside barefoot with his brothers. On physical exam, the patient’s conjunctiva appears pale with dry pale mouth and tongue. The physician orders an iron study which demonstrated iron deficiency anemia. Given the patient’s symptoms, what is the most appropriate treatment for this patient?

    USMLE Step 1