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Truncus (Latin) - Trunk of a tree, trunk of the body
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Conotruncal abnormalities

A group of congenital heart defects "departing from the normal" that result from malformations in the "cone" like "trunk"structure that ultimately gives rise to the outflow tracts of the heart.

  • Conus (Latin) - Cone
  • Truncus (Latin) - Trunk of a tree, trunk of the body
  • Abnormis (Latin) - Departing From Normal
  • Congenital, outflow tracts, cyanotic
  • Group of congenital heart defects resulting from malformations of the outflow tracts of the heart or impaired development of the branchial arches and arteries
  • They are a major cause of symptomatic cyanotic cardiac disease diagnosed in utero via ultrasound.
  • Due to parallel fetal circulation, these defects are well tolerated in utero, however, patients present with acute hypoxia within a few days of birth. Examples of conotruncal heart defects include: Tetralogy of Fallot, transposition of great vessels, truncus arteriosus, interrupted aortic arch, double outlet right (or left) ventricle.
  • Sympathetic trunk

    A "trunk"like chain from which the origins of the sympathetic nervous system fibers in the body arise.

    • Syn (Greek) - With, together
    • Pathos (Greek) - Suffering, disease, feeling
    • Truncus (Latin) - Trunk of a tree, trunk of the body
  • Horner's syndrome
  • Truncal ataxia

    A condition where a person cannot move with "order." Causing incoordination.

    • Truncus (Latin) - Trunk of a tree, trunk of the body
    • A (Greek) - Not, Without
    • Taxis (Greek) - Arrangement, order
  • A type of ataxia that causes widebased, unsteady gait. Caused by damage to the vermis or midline of the cerebellum
  • Also called the drunken sailor gait
  • Truncus arteriosus

    An embryonic heart structure that aorta the main "artery" from the left ventricle and pulmonary "trunk."

    • Truncus (Latin) - Trunk of a tree, trunk of the body
    • Arteria (Greek) - Windpipe, artery
  • Persistent truncus arteriosus is a congenital defect caused by failure of septation of the truncus arteriosus
  • Associated with VSD
  • Causes early cyanosis in the child