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Stylos (Greek) - Pillar
3 terms share this root

A muscle that lifts up the sides of the "tongue" like a "pillar" during swallowing and helps retract the tongue.

  • Muscle that lifts up the sides of the tongue during swallowing and helps to retract the tongue.
  • Innervated by CN XII
  • Stylohyoid

    Muscle that lifts up, like a "pillar", the "ushaped" hyoid bone and elevates the tongue during swallowing.

    • Stylos (Greek) - Pillar
    • Hyoides (Greek) - Shaped like the letter u
  • Innervated by CN VII
  • Stylopharyngeus

    Muscle that elevates, like a "pillar", the larynx and pharynx, or "throat", and aids in swallowing by dilating the pharynx allowing the passage of food.

  • CN IX runs laterally to this muscle
  • Only muscle in pharynx innervated by CN IX
  • Originated from 3rd pharyngeal pouch