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React (Medieval Latin) - Done again
3 terms share this root
Creactive protein

A protein produced by the liver that increases in concentration in response to inflammation

  • React (Medieval Latin) - Done again
  • Protos (Greek) - First
  • Acute phase reactant, used diagnostically as an inflammatory marker
  • Leukemoid reaction

    A reaction involving "white" blood cells which "resembles" leukemia (although it is not actually leukemia)

    • Leukos (Greek) - White, clear
    • Eidos (Greek) - Form, Resemblance or Shape, Likeness
    • React (Medieval Latin) - Done again
  • Occurs during infection, stress, decay or sulfa drugs/steroids
  • Distinguished from acute leukemia by the presence of early mature neutrophil precursors
  • Reaction formation

    Anxietyproducing impulses are masked by exaggeration of opposing impulses

    • React (Medieval Latin) - Done again
    • Forma (Latin) - Form
  • Stockholm Syndrome is a type of reaction formation.
  • Defense mechanism described by Freud.