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Odyne (Greek) - Pain
5 terms share this root

"Pain" of the "extremities", specifically the hands and feet.

  • Akron (Greek) - Tip, Extremity
  • Odyne (Greek) - Pain
  • Associated with exposure to heavy metals
  • The feet and hands become dusky and discolored
  • Historically, this disease has been referred to as "Pink Syndrome" and "Mercurialism".
  • Allodynia

    A condition in which "other" nonpainful stimulus produces "pain"

  • May occur after injury
  • Different types include static mechanical, dynamic mechanical, thermal, and movement
  • May be seen in patients with fibromyalgia or neuropathies
  • Odynophagia

    "Pain" upon "eating" or swallowing.

  • Associated with many conditions, some of which include pharyngitis, ulcers, epiglottitis, and cancer.
  • Pleurodynia

    "Pain" in the "ribs" of the chest,

    • Pleura (Greek) - Side of body, rib, flank
    • Odyne (Greek) - Pain
  • Commonly caused by the Coxsackie virus
  • Colloquially med 'Devil's Grip' because of the immense pain in the chest and shortness of breath causing a feeling as though the devil were squeezing you.
  • Vulvodynia

  • Diagnosis of exclusion