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Korone (Greek) - Denoting somethign hooked
2 terms share this root

Triangular eminences of the ulna and mandible that have a "hooked" appearance

  • Korone (Greek) - Denoting somethign hooked
  • There are two, the coronoid process of the mandible and the ulna, the ulna coronoid process sits across from the olecranon process and next to the radial notch, overall it forms the lower part of the semi lure arch
  • Coronoid fossa

    A "ditch" in the humerus bone that receives the "crown""like" eminence of the ul.

    • Korone (Greek) - Denoting somethign hooked
    • Eidos (Greek) - Form, Resemblance or Shape, Likeness
    • Fossa (Latin) - Ditch, trench, cal
  • Receives the coronoid process of the ul during forearm flexion