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Jejunas (Latin) - Fasting, Hungry
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Campylobacter Jejuni

"Bent" "small thing" that can be found infecting the part of the intestine that is empty when "fasting"

  • Gull wings is diagnostic, grows at 42 degrees, associated with Gillian Barre syndrome and reactive arthritis after infection, fecaloral transmission through po...Gram negative, oxidase positive, comma shaped bacteria that cause gastroenteritis and bloody diarrhea especially in children
  • Poultry, meat and unpasteurized milk
  • First described in 1886 in babies and was originally called cholera infantum indicating similar symptoms to cholera but in newborn children. It has since been associated with many foods including chicken and milk
  • Duodenojejunal

    The junction or meeting point of the first "segment of 12", or the duodenum and second segment, or jejunum of the small intestine.

    • Duodeni (Latin) - In Twelves, Space of Twelve Digits
    • Jejunas (Latin) - Fasting, Hungry
  • From the Latin "duodeni", meaning in twelves. Its length was approximately the width of twelve fingers. "Jejunum" means fasting
  • It was found to be empty on autopsies after the bodies were drained
  • Jejunum

    Part of the small intestine meaning "fasting" because this part of the small intestine was typically found to be empty in dead people due to its high peristaltic activity.

  • The change from the duodenum to the jejunum is usually defined as the duodenojejunal flexure and is defined by the Ligament of Treitz.