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Hyoides (Greek) - Shaped like the letter u
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"Ushaped" that muscle that flattens, retracts and depresses the "tongue"

  • Hyoides (Greek) - Shaped like the letter u
  • Glossa (Greek) - Tongue
  • Innervated by the hyoglossal nerve (cranial nerve XII)
  • Blood supply from the lingual artery, which is derived from the external carotid artery
  • Hyoid artery

    Small "ushaped" "pipe" that transports blood in the neck

    • Hyoides (Greek) - Shaped like the letter u
    • Arteria (Greek) - Windpipe, artery
  • Derived from second branchial arch
  • Branch of the superior thyroid artery
  • Runs along the lower border of the hyoid bone beneath the thyrohyoid muscle
  • Hyoid bone

    "Ushaped" "bone" located at the anterior midline of the neck between the chin and the thyroid cartilage

    • Hyoides (Greek) - Shaped like the letter u
    • Ban (Old English) - Bone, tusk
  • Site of attachment for muscles at the floor of the mouth, tongue, larynx, epiglottis, and pharynx
  • Necessary for speech and swallowing
  • Derived from the second and third pharyngeal arches
  • Unique in that it does not articulate with any other bone in the body. Its fracture or deformation is used in forensics to be indicative of strangulation
  • Mylohyoid

    "Ushaped" "muscle" which connects the mandible to the hyoid "forming" the jaw used in swallowing and speaking.

    • Myle (Greek) - Grinder, A mill
    • Hyoides (Greek) - Shaped like the letter u
    • Eidos (Greek) - Form, Resemblance or Shape, Likeness
  • First pharyngeal arch derivative
  • Omohyoid

    Muscle "shaped like the letter U" that connects the scapula ("shoulder" bone) to the hyoid.

    • Omos (Greek) - Shoulder
    • Hyoides (Greek) - Shaped like the letter u
  • Functions to depress the hyoid bone
  • Stylohyoid

    Muscle that lifts up, like a "pillar", the "ushaped" hyoid bone and elevates the tongue during swallowing.

    • Stylos (Greek) - Pillar
    • Hyoides (Greek) - Shaped like the letter u
  • Innervated by CN VII