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Glykys (Greek) - Sweet, sweet wine
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Metabolic hormone released by the alpha cells of the pancreas involved in "bringing" "sweet wine" or sugar, into the blood.

  • Glykys (Greek) - Sweet, sweet wine
  • Agon (Greek) - Leading, Bringing
  • Stimulates gluconeogenesis, glycogenolysis, lipolysis, ketogenesis
  • Acts via a cAMP pathway
  • Glucocorticoid

    Class of steroids released by the "adrenal cortex" that decreases inflammation and regulates "sweet wine", or sugar levels.

    • Glykys (Greek) - Sweet, sweet wine
    • Cortex (Latin) - Bark of a Tree, Outer layer
    • Eidos (Greek) - Form, Resemblance or Shape, Likeness
  • The me comes directly from it's function as a steroid made from the adrenal glands that regulates sugar levels in the body
  • Glucose

    A simple sugar Named as being a part of "sweet wine", metabolized by cells in order to produce energy.

    • Glykys (Greek) - Sweet, sweet wine
  • Glucose + glucose = maltose
  • Glucose + fructose= sucrose
  • Glucose + galactose = lactose
  • Glycogen

    A large polysaccharide "produced" from multiple units of "sweet wine" or sugar.

    • Glykys (Greek) - Sweet, sweet wine
    • Genes (Greek) - Born of, produced by; origin or source
  • Used as a storage form of glucose in animals
  • Mainly found in liver and muscle cells
  • May undergo glycogenolysis to maintain serum glucose
  • Glycogen was discovered by Claude Bernard through experiments that revealed a liver that could form sugar.
  • Glycosuria

    The excretion of "sweet wine" or sugar in the "urine".

    • Glykys (Greek) - Sweet, sweet wine
    • Ouron (Greek) - Urine
  • Usually seen in those with untreated diabetes or renal damage
  • Glycosylation

    The act of adding a "sweet wine" or sugar to a donor molecule (on a functional group).

    • Glykys (Greek) - Sweet, sweet wine
  • Important step in the formation of collagen that takes place within the endoplasmic reticulum
  • Hyperglycemia

    "Excess sweet wine," or glucose, in the "blood."

    • Hyper (Greek) - Over, beyond, excess
    • Glykys (Greek) - Sweet, sweet wine
    • Haima (Greek) - Blood
  • Chronic hyperglycemia associated with Cushing syndrome and diabetes
  • May lead to peripheral neuropathy and retinopathy
  • Side effect of cyclosporine, protease inhibitors, glucocorticoids, tacrolimus, niacin, hydrochlorothiazide, beta blockers
  • Literally "excess glucose in blood."