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Glene (Greek) - Joint socket
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Glenohumeral joint

The "joint socket" where the "shoulder" is formed by "joining together" the arm and thorax.

  • A synovial, ball and socket joint
  • Formed by articulation of head of the humerus with the glenoid cavity
  • Head of the humerus held in place via long head of the biceps tendon along with rotator cuff muscles
  • Glenoid cavity

    The "hollow" "socket" of the shoulder.

    • Glene (Greek) - Joint socket
    • Cavus (Latin) - Hollow, Space
  • A component of the glenohumeral joint, comparably more shallow compared to the hip joint
  • Covers approximately 1/3 of the surface area of the head of the humerus. Also known as the "glenoid fossa of scapula"
  • Glenoid fossa

    The structure that resembles the "form or shape" of a "ditch or canal' that forms the shoulder "joint".

    • Glene (Greek) - Joint socket
    • Eidos (Greek) - Form, Resemblance or Shape, Likeness
    • Fossa (Latin) - Ditch, trench, cal
  • Either of the jaw or the scapula, both are joint insertion points, in the shoulder the glenoid fossa is the insertion point for the humerus, it is covered in a layer of cartilage, dislocation of the arm is the separation of humerus from the glenoid fossa