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Fungus (Latin) - Mushroom
2 terms share this root
Hyperemic fungiform papilla

"Excess" "Blood flow" to the taste buds on the tongue called fungiform papilla

  • Seen as a symptom called "Strawberry Tongue" in diseases such as Scarlet Fever
  • Mycosis fungoides

    "Condition" of nonHodgkin lymphoma of mature CD4 cells, presents with "malformed" "mushroom" "fungi" shaped rashes, patches, and nodules. Called Sezary syndrome after spread to blood.

    • Mykes (Greek) - Fungus, mushroom, anything shaped like a mushroom
    • Osis (Greek) - A condition, disease
    • Fungus (Latin) - Mushroom
    • Eidos (Greek) - Form, Resemblance or Shape, Likeness
  • Lymphocytes with cerebriform nuclei
  • Pautrier's microabscess in the epidermis
  • Additional cause of leonine facies