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Ex (Latin) - Out of
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A vessel that "carries" something "out of" or away from.

  • Ex (Latin) - Out of
  • Ferre (Latin) - To bear, to carry
  • General principle in all of medicine: efferent describes moving away and afferent describes something moving towards
  • E.g.. Motor efferent carry signals from the nervous system to an effector organ. Afferent sensory nerves carry sensations towards the nervous system
  • Efferent arteriole

    The "artery" that "carries" blood "out" of a nephron.

    • Ex (Latin) - Out of
    • Ferre (Latin) - To bear, to carry
    • Arteria (Greek) - Windpipe, artery
  • Angiotensin II causes more vasoconstriction at the efferent arteriole relative to the afferent arteriole to increase the GFR
  • ACE inhibitors, a drug often used to treat hypertension, prevents the vasoconstriction at the efferent arteriole, and thus prevents a mechanism of increasing GFR and is contraindicated in patients with kidney failure
  • "Afferent" means conducted toward something, and in this case, it is the arteriole conducting blood towards the glomerulus.
  • Exanthem

    The "eruption" of a rash "out of" or throughout the body.

    • Ex (Latin) - Out of
    • Anthema (Greek) - Eruption
  • Usually seen over the bodies of children
  • Can be caused by a variety of insults including bug bits, toxins, and infections
  • Classically caused by mumps, chickenpox, and the rhinovirus
  • Seen in fifth's disease caused by parvovirus B19
  • Exanthema

    "Outward" "flowering" of a widespread rash

    • Ex (Latin) - Out of
    • Anthos (Latin) - Flower
  • A widespread rash usually occurring in children
  • Can be caused by toxins or drugs, microorganisms, or autoimmune disease
  • Six "classical" infectious childhood exanthemas have been recognized, four of which are viral
  • Includes Measles, German measles (Rubella), Scarlet fever (second disease), Mumps, etc.
  • Vaccinations now exist against measles, mumps, rubella (MMR vaccine) and chickenpox
  • Excrescences

    An abnormal "growth", usually "out of" the skin.


    Something "produced" separately "out of" the body.

    • Ex (Latin) - Out of
    • Genes (Greek) - Born of, produced by; origin or source
  • Exogenous insulin lacks Cpeptide
  • Exogenous testosterone as anabolic steroids
  • Exogenous thyroxine for hypothyroidism
  • Exophthalmos

    Abnormal protrusion of the "eye" "out of" of orbit.

  • Seen in Graves' disease as a result of abnormal connective tissue deposition in the orbit and extraocular muscles
  • Robert Graves was the first to associate thyroid goiters and exophthalmos
  • Exudate

    The process by which substances are "sweat" "out" of something, often times by bacteria or cancers.

    • Ex (Latin) - Out of
    • Sudare (Latin) - To sweat
  • Proteinrich, cellular fluid that may accumulate due to lymphatic obstruction
  • Exudative tonsilitis

    "Inflammation" and "sweating" "out" of substances from the of pharyngeal "goiters" or tonsils.

    • Ex (Latin) - Out of
    • Sudare (Latin) - To sweat
    • Tonsillae (Greek) - Tonsils, Goiter
    • Itis (Greek) - Inflammation, pertaining to disease
  • Commonly caused by group A beta hemolytic strep, streptococcus pyogenes, and scarlet fever
  • Tonsillectomy described in first century AD by Celsus
  • Hydrocephalus ex vacuo

    Apparent increase in "water" in the "head" that occurs "out of" a "vacuum" of neural tissue in the brain

  • Normal intracranial pressure
  • Seen in Alzheimer's, HIV, and Pick's disease
  • Pectus excavatum

    A deformity of the "chest" where it appears "hollowed" "out" and depressed inward.

    • Pectus (Latin) - Breast
    • Ex (Latin) - Out of
    • Cavus (Latin) - Hollow, Space
  • Strongly associated with Marfan Syndrome
  • Other causes are familial, rickets, or scoliosis.
  • Spoon excavator

    An instrument used to "tear out" caries from the "hollow spaces" from which they create in the teeth.

    • Span (Greek) - To tear
    • Ex (Latin) - Out of
    • Cavus (Latin) - Hollow, Space
  • Must remove all caries when completing a cavity preparation.