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Ergon (Greek) - Activity, Work
3 terms share this root

When Tcells are "without" energy", or turned off due to inappropriate activation.

  • An (Greek) - Without, not
  • Ergon (Greek) - Activity, Work
  • T cells require a costimulatory signal in order to activate, otherwise they remain in a frozen active state
  • Part of self tolerance in which the immune system can select for WBCs that recognize self properly.
  • Cholinergic

    Describes nerve cells that contain the neurotransmitter "acetylcholine," an important signaling molecule for nervous system "activity."

    • Choline - A water soluble nutrient often times linked to B vitamins and precursor to neurotransmitter acetycholine
    • Ergon (Greek) - Activity, Work
  • Acetylcholine, neuromuscular junction, preganglionic sympathetic nerves, preand postganglionic parasympathetic nerves
  • It is believed that a possible cause of Alzheimer Disease is reduced synthesis of acetylcholine (cholinergic hypothesis). Disease first observed by German physician Dr. Alois Alzheimer, who described dementia in elderly patients.
  • Noradrenergic

    Used to describe nerves and receptors that "work" when norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter produced "near or above" the "kidneys" in the adrenal glands.

    • Ad (Latin) - Near, At, To Add On
    • Renes (Latin) - Kidneys
    • Ergon (Greek) - Activity, Work
  • Multiple types of adrenergic receptors